Wendy goes to the Oprah show…

…Oprah is impressed and everyone gets a tree. 

Wendy gives away trees on the Oprah show

by | May 10, 2017 | Stories |

At a Boys and Girls Club auction Wendy won 4 tickets to a taping of the Oprah show. With her Chief Investment Officer, Angela, and two other associates Wendy flew to Chicago and got in the line-up for the show. The team had one mission: Have Oprah talk to Wendy.

It turned out that the two men stood out in Oprah’s audience, she noticed them and said: “You are the only two men in the audience today – how did you manage to get a ticket?

Ralph replied “We are bodyguards for the ‘Tree Lady’ , Oprah pointed the mike at Wendy” and said “You must be the Tree Lady, why do they call you the Tree Lady?”

Throughout the show she would keep returning to Wendy and ask questions about World Tree. The fourth time she came over Wendy offered everyone in the audience  a free Empress tree. They had never had anyone offer a gift to the audience before and it took a bit of sorting out but everyone got a tree.

At the end of the show  the Tree Lady and her entourage are invited to stay behind. Oprah has Wendy stand in front of the camera and repeats everything Wendy says:

“People don’t realize that leaves are the lungs of our planet without trees we wouldn’t have any life. And you know what I’d love to do? I’d love to get this tree in the hands of every single child, so they could have a tree that grows up before they do. We have to help restore the lungs of mother earth with the Empress tree.”

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