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A Webinar with Dr. Cathy Key
Chief Operations Officer, World Tree

12:00pm PST, Wednesday 12th July

I read the news today, oh boy …

For those of us who care about the environment it can be hard to listen to the news these days. The US have retracted their support of the 2015 Paris Accord and the American Environmental Protection Agency website has been gagged of even talking about climate change. We question the sanity of a world in which business interests trump environmental concerns and profit seems to be more important than the planet or its people.

Sometimes we lose heart. We wonder how we can make a difference in a world gone mad. Yet, the fact is we can all make a difference and one of the most powerful ways we can create change is through our dollar. 

Vote with your dollars

Where you spend your money matters. How you invest matters. At World Tree we are committed that people use the power of their pocket to create positive change in the world. Whether that’s shopping at a local store, supporting your local farmer or investing in fossil-fuel free opportunities.

Investors in the World Tree Carbon Offset Program are improving the planet by cleaning up the air, offsetting their carbon footprint and protecting our native forests.

At this free webinar you will discover:

• Why impact investing is a powerful force for change

• Practical ways to make a difference with your dollar

• How the World Tree carbon offset program fights climate change

• How you can make a difference and make money at the same time

We need trees!

An Essential Resource for People and the Planet

One of the ways you can impact climate change, absorb carbon, bring resilience to the land and bring wealth to our communities is through planting trees.

• We need trees to clean our air
• We need trees to absorb carbon
• We need trees to produce oxygen
• We need trees to provide lumber

The only problem is, trees take a long time to grow! We are consuming them faster than we can grow them and we are destroying our old-growth forests in the process.

The Fastest Growing Tree in the World

Empress Splendor trees are the fastest growing hardwood trees in the world. You can check them out in the Guiness Book of World Records which states they are officially amazing. They grow over 10 feet in their first year and within just 10 years they are fully grown and can be harvested and sold for lumber.

The World Tree Carbon Offset Program provides a way to plant trees, rapidly grow lumber, reduce our carbon footprint and generate revenue in the process.

Who is this event for?

This is an educational event for people who are interested in learning more about impact investing.

This event is for you if:

  • You are, or would like to be, an impact investor 
  • You care about the planet and would like to do more to impact climate change
  • You want to learn more about sustainable timber investing
  • You are intrigued by the idea of lowering your carbon footprint and making money
  • You want to create a legacy for your children and grand-children

12:00 – 1:00 pm, Wednesday July 12th

Protect the Future


with Dr. Cathy Key, Chief of Operations, World Tree 

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Protect the Future

How impact investors are fighting climate change

Free Webinar, Wednesday 12th July, 12 - 1pm  PST

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