Elizabeth May MP – Why Carbon Offsets Matter

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World Tree invited Elizabeth May MP, Leader of the Green Party Canada, to join us at one of our Carbon Offset events to talk about the importance of carbon offsetting. Wendy Burton, CEO of World Tree, and Elizabeth May share a commitment to the environment and a love of our four legged friends who walk the earth with us (see picture above).

Although the timing didn’t work out for Elizabeth to be with us in person, she generously took the time to create this video message for us.

Elizabeth May’s message:

“Elizabeth May here, Member of Parliament for Saanich Gulf Islands sorry I can’t be with you in person. I was invited by World Tree Carbon Offset Program and my friend Wendy Burton and it would have been really fun to come but our schedules just didn’t work out. But I did want to give you a word or two about why carbon offsets matter the first thing to recognize is that the climate crisis is the single largest threat facing Humanity.

Climate change is not just an environmental issue anymore it’s a security threat, we Face a real threat to human civilization and the solution is primarily in shifting away from fossil fuels we’re doing it already Global investment is already moving to Renewables the majority of the global Investments made in 2014 and 2015 were in Renewables not fossil fuels. So the market is moving and the price of things like solar panels is plummeting. There are enormous opportunities for Canada and the world in the shift to renewable energy and getting off fossil fuels.

At the same time about 25% of global warming is due to our loss of forests. Forests through photosynthesis, in fact all green things, suck up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Programs in tree planting have become one of the tools to fight global warming.

What Wendy Burton and the global team with the World Tree Carbon Offset Program have done is to find a way to marry carbon offsets with an investment opportunity.

As a member of parliament I don’t endorse any particular company or product but I have to say this is an intriguing approach and if I could be with you tonight to learn more about the Empress Splendor tree I’d be there.

So I hope you have a good evening, thank you for letting me say a few words and if you want to learn more about climate change and the roughly million solutions that make money in fighting climate change let me know you can contact me through my MP website, totally nonpartisan, Elizabeth May MP. See a thanks so much good luck.”


Find out more about the World Tree Carbon Offset Program at our webinar: www.worldtreecop.com/webinar.


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