Number 1 for Fender guitars.

How Fender chose Empress over 32 different hardwoods.

When Fender guitars chose World Tree

by | May 10, 2017 | Stories |

Having just harvested a large Empress plantation in Georgia, Wendy heard that Fender guitars were about to test 32 different kinds of lumber for a new line of guitars.

Through a contact at Fender, Wendy had our Empress wood included in the line-up and was curious to see how it would mesure up against all these different hardwoods.

The top 3 selected included: Reclaimed lumber from a New York ladderhouse,  a railway trestle from Portland, and the one the musicians liked the most for weight and tone was our Empresss lumber.

In this conversation Wendy tells what happens next:

Fender now has a line of Telecasters and Stratocasters made from Empress wood. The light-weight and great tone of these instruments makes them a favorite with gigging musicians who are out there playing every night.

Fender Stratocaster

Empress wood is naturally blond, has a smooth straight grain and is silky to the touch. It takes stain and finishes very well and does not warp or split. As a tone-wood it is highly prized and has been used for centuries in the manufacture of Chinese musical instruments

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