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Seeking Farmers for our 2018 and 2019 Plantings

We are looking for farmers to grow Empress Splendor trees. The plan is simple: we provide trees, you provide the land and together we share in the profits.

Do you have fallow land that’s just waiting for the right opportunity? Whether it’s though depleted soil or land that is too expensive to farm, your unused acreage is taking money out of your pocket.

World Tree provides a way that you can get started with a highly profitable crop, with minimal financial investment.


3 months

10 years

How it Works

Qualified farmers with at least 10-20 acres of available land plant and grow Empress Trees on behalf of World Tree.  Farmers care for the trees under the guidance of our team of experienced growers and once the trees reach maturity (within 10 years) they are sold for lumber and the proceeds are split equally. As the farmer you receive 50% of the proceeds.

For example, a well managed plantation yields approximately 30,000 board feet of lumber which currently sells for $3-$14 a board foot. At $3 a board foot, we get to produce $90,000 of lumber an acre which is then shared. 

Once harvested, Empress Splendor trees regenerate from the root and can be grown again for up to seven harvests. After the first harvest the trees belong 100% to the farmer who keeps all ongoing profits.

About the Empress tree

Genus: Paulownia
Growing zone: 7-11
Soil: Clay, sand loam or better
Elevation: Less than 2200 ft
Time to maturity: 10 years
Sells for: $3-$14 per board foot
Board foot per acre: 30,000

Ambassador Program

Earn extra money by referring farmers to our free tree program.

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Possibly the Perfect Tree?

Read about the Empress tree in Farmers Almanac.

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Farmer FAQs

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

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How to qualify

To be accepted as a World Tree farmer you must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Farmland in zones 7 through 11
  • Elevation less than 2200 feet
  • Clay sandy loam soil or better
  • At least 10-20 acres of available land

What you get

  • A minimum of 2200 trees (20 acres)
  • Individualized support to ensure successful growth
  • Access to the ‘Growers Guide’ and online support materials
  • 50% share of all the profits of the sale of the lumber
  • Lumber currently sells for $3-$14 per board foot or more, depending on quality
  • A well managed 20-acre  plantation can produce 600,000 board feet of lumber
  • A buyer for the lumber that World Tree brings to you
  • You keep the trees after the first harvest

Your success is our success. World Tree only makes money when you do and we will be your partner every step of the way in making sure that your trees grow and are well managed so that they produce the highest quality lumber.

If you would like to gain experience growing Paulownia you can also talk to us about the Intro Package for Farmers.

Intro Package

If you want to gain experience growing Paulownia, you may qualify for our Intro Package.

This includes 110 trees, training, support and the growers guide for a highly discounted price of $550.

The intro package is available to farmers who have at least 20 acres of suitable land.

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“I am happy to think not only about the benefit that I can experience here on my farm, but also the bigger benefit, the change that we can do for the world.

The carbon capture is important for our sustainability, and we are also very happy to get the benefit of extra income in 10 years.”

Mauro Solis, farmer

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