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Are you investing for impact?

Are you looking for an opportunity to impact climate change while at the same time generating a financial return? The World Tree Carbon Offset Program is a sustainable timber investment based on the Empress Splendor tree, the fastest growing tree in the world.

Empress trees provide valuable hardwood lumber within just 10 years. They also absorb 11 times more carbon than any other tree. Participants in the program both offset their carbon footprint and share in the profits of the sale of the lumber.


We offer a truly green, impact investment based on the Empress Splendor tree that is RRSP and TFSA eligible.

Find out how we use your investment to grow valuable lumber that is good for you and the planet.

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World Tree are looking for farmers to grow our trees. We provide the trees, the expertise and a buyer for the lumber. You provide the land and the care. Together we share the profits.

Find out if you qualify.

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The Empress Tree

Empress Splendor is a fast growing tree that captures 11x more carbon than any other tree.

The Empress reaches maturity in just 10 years and provides beautiful hardwood lumber that is 30% stronger than pine.

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World Tree News

Why I love farmers

My name is Kara Arnold and I have been working with World Tree for four years.  I began with World tree before our Free Tree Program was born, and have been so happy to watch it grow and expand beyond the tiny company we began as.   The thing that drew me to World...

The Paulownia SCAM and how to avoid it

“Scam! BS! I’ll never plant these trees!” These were the kinds of comments we got on our Facebook feed when we started to promote our Free Tree program to farmers in the Southern USA. What was this Paulownia scam thing all about? The upset revolved around...

Celebrating the Difference You Make

The World Tree Carbon Offset Program is only possible because of some very special people: Our farmers who plant and grow the trees, our investors who fund the program and our champions who share their love of World Tree. As we complete 2017 we want to say a...

The World Tree Carbon Offset Program

Sustainability with Dividends

If you are interested in participating in the Carbon Offset Program please get in touch. We’ll get back to you right away.

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