Sustainability with Dividends

The World Tree Carbon Offset Program

Protecting our environment does not mean sacrificing quality of life. The World Tree carbon offset program provides a pathway to both sustainability and a secure financial future.


Carbon neutral for life

Everything we do and everything we use requires energy and increases our carbon footprint.

   With the World Tree Carbon Offset Program you can easily offset your carbon footprint for life.

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Return on investment

World Tree offers the only program where you can actually make money from your carbon offsets.

Find out how we use your investment to grow valuable lumber that brings you a substantial return.

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A miracle tree

The key to our Carbon Offset Program is the Empress Splendor tree which captures 11 times more carbon than any other tree.

The Empress reaches maturity in just 10 years and provides beautiful hardwood lumber that is 30% stronger than pine.

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Positive Action for a Better World

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do to really make a difference. Offsetting your carbon emissions is a powerful action you can take to reverse your carbon footprint. This is the only program where you not only offset your emissions you also get a financial return. Watch the video to find out how the unique properties of  the Empress Tree make this possible.


Show Your Commitment to the Environment: Sign the Flag!

World Tree is proud to be partnering with in creating the 2015 Earth Flag, signalling our commitment to a better world.

The Flag is being used to collect 1 million signatures to show the commitment of people across Canada pledging to reduce their carbon footprint. The Flag will be travelling to Paris in November to be displayed during the crucial UN climate talks, where the world’s leaders will be making firm commitments to reduce their carbon output.

Add your voice, your name and your commitment to reducing carbon emissions by signing the flag.

The World Tree Carbon Offset Program

The Profitable Way to Offset Your Carbon Footprint

If you are interested in participating in the Carbon Offset Program please get in touch. We’ll get back to you right away.


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